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Diamond Grinding

Shot Blasting Services of Michigan INC are happy to offer Diamond Grinding. Diamond grinding is a concrete pavement rehabilitation technique that corrects irregularities such as faulting and roughness on concrete pavements. Diamond grinding should be used in conjunction with other concrete pavement rehabilitation techniques. Diamond grinding restores ride-ability by removing surface irregularities caused by construction curling, slab warping, faulting, and roughness caused by concrete pavement rehabilitation construction work.

There are many surface issues that diamond grinding can improve or correct. Some of the surface imperfections that can be addressed by diamond grinding include: faulting at joints and cracks, built-in or construction roughness, polished concrete surfaces exhibiting inadequate macro texture, wheel path rutting caused by studded tires, unacceptable noise level, slab warping caused by moisture gradient and construction curling, inadequate transverse slope and splash and spray reduction

The most immediate effect of diamond grinding is a significant improvement in the riding smoothness of a pavement. Another very important effect of diamond grinding is the significant increase in surface macro-texture and consequent noise reduction and safety improvement.

Safety is improved by a temporary increase in skid friction resistance and a reduction in the potential for hydroplaning. Safety may also be improved by grooving the pavement surface. Grooving consists of cutting deeper channels that provides better drainage of water between the tires and the pavement surface and thus preventing skidding and hydroplaning. Shot Blasting Services of Michigan INC is here for any of you diamond grinding needs, contact us here or call today, 1-586-949-1989. 

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