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Check Out Some Pics Of Some New Polish and Fleck Projects From Shot Blasting Services Of Michigan

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Check Out Some PIcs Of Some New Polish and Fleck Projects From Shot Blasting Services Of Michigan

What Is Concrete Polishing? Polished concrete is the process of grinding the surface with a heavy, high torque machine with varying levels of coarse to fine diamond blades. The machines used are accompanied by a high horsepower, dustless vacuum system. This system creates a clean, non hazardous, environmentally friendly process. The result is a strong, decorative easy to clean, low maintenance floor.

In the past decade, this system has become very popular for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Polishing is a multi-step process that starts with grinding several layers of concrete and then finishing with a fine polishing technique that leaves a high gloss surface with no wax or additional coatings necessary.

at sbs Contracting we are used to hearing this line from their clients: “I want a floor that’s slip-resistant, but I also want it to be easy to clean.” Broadcasting or mixing aggregate into resin or acrylic coatings is an easy way to satisfy this common request. Aggregate roughens up floors, giving them the consistency of sandpaper. Some aggregates add a layer of skid resistance without taking away from the effects of existing decorative applications, and others have decorative qualities of their own.

Since liability is a concern in workplaces, aggregate broadcasting is a common application for floors in restaurants, schools and hospitals. In places where skid resistance is crucial but aesthetics are not, such as distribution centers and manufacturing plants, heavy-duty aggregates can provide a high level of strength and durability. In residences, broadcast aggregates can be beneficial on garage floors and pool decks.

The physical process of broadcasting aggregate into coatings is straightforward and leaves little room for error. The key to a successful aggregate broadcasting job is in the preparation: knowing the unique qualities of each type of aggregate and how to choose the perfect aggregate variety for the job at hand.

There are six primary types of aggregate that can be used with coatings: silica sand, aluminum oxide, colored quartz, glass beads, synthetic aggregate and flint silica. All aggregates come in a variety of sizes ranging from coarse to fine, but each type is accompanied by limitations in regards to application method, compatible coatings and maintenance.

For an industrial job where the floor’s primary requirements are skid resistance and surface-quality longevity, your best bet is aluminum oxide. It’s an extremely hard aggregate that does not get polished by wear and tear. Instead, it fractures in the face of intense abuse and maintains its angular, sharp profile.

Silica sand, on the other hand, is semi-angular in shape, wears down after heavy contact and is typically applied in small amounts until the desired level of skid resistance is achieved. Flint silica differs in that it’s round and uniform in size, which leads to a slightly smoother result.


Located in SE Michigan and covering All of Michigan and the Midwest, Shot blasting services of Michigan INC is your concrete solutions company. We are committed to the best technology along with premiere product quality, and excellence in service. Our many years of experience allows our customers the ability to create the most attractive and durable flooring for their needs.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, a new build or a renovation, Shot Blasting Services Of Michigan INC. is the right flooring company for you. We say yes to your requests— What you want and when you want it. We believe in, and deliver, hassle-free customer service.

Highly trained installers will implement your design specs so the Completed project is exactly what you desire. Our goal is to be the kind of company that people want to work for, customers want to buy from, and suppliers want to sell to.

Working with Shot blasting services of Michigan INC to provide your flooring system will increase safety, higher sanitation levels, lower maintenance costs and of course, a beautiful and durable floor to walk on every day.

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